Hapy Society 2020 Events & Programme


Due to the current Covid 19 situation we are sorry to announce that our lecture programme has had to be postponed. It is hoped to resume our lecture programme in March 2021. Please contact Andrew Ward for further information. (01977616384 or [email protected])

However, the following lectures are still diarised as follows for the moment:

Professor Jo Fletcher. “Ancient Egypt: New Stories”

Saturday, September 12th , 3:00pm at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley

Dr Bob Loynes. “How MRI scans inform our understanding of Mummification in Ancient Egypt”

Saturday, 7th November, 3:00pm at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley

Tickets for both lectures are £15 including high tea following the lecture and can be reserved by contacting the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley. Some tickets will also be available on the door

Next Activity Session

Our next activity session will be online and held in September 2020. Contact Andrew Ward at [email protected] for details . Activity sessions are free to members.

Beginners Hieroglpyhs (bimonthly lessons)

We will be holding a reduced, 4-session course in hieroglyphs for beginners, starting in October 2020. There will be one session each month until January. Hieroglyph lessons are free to members.  If you would like to join the class, contact Andrew Ward at [email protected]